Mental Mights

Moving across the Incross

The party leaves the Circle of the True to tackle The Incross. It is about an 18 hour journey, but they have been warned about traveling at night.

The first day goes well. They find a cave and kill some ankegs and an ant to make a shelter for the night.

The next day they walk past some tall rocks that has something brown perched atop, asleep. No one knows what it is, but they don’t want to find out, either. Later they find a cave that has a mysterious manmade door in the back which reads “A great treasure lies here under a curse, and only those may enter who provide the cure.” After a few unsuccessful attempts at solving the riddle, which included some electric shocks, the party finally figured out how to open the door and they found a bounty of supples including an everburning torch, lifeshield potion, regenerating potions, and some GP. That night they are awoken to thunder and lightening coming from a large creature attacking other creatures. No one knows what it is, but they know it is well beyond their abilities at this point.

On the last day they killed some drakes and then killed some zairtails (lizard creatures) before finding The Forgottten City.



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