Mental Mights

Overdue Update

I have been quite remiss in keeping this journal up to date, I’m afraid. Things have gotten much more intense as our journey has continued. While we were resting at the camp, we were attacked in the night by several of the guards. They weren’t difficult to fend off, though I was annoyed at being woken. We made our way out of the camp and found the springs, then found Volgron inside a cave nearby with his followers.

Volgron turned out to be of the Far Realm, and was apparently using the sick people as sacrifices to help grant that Mother thing entrance to the world. We found a few notes written by a “Trenan” who said he was starting his efforts in Sportuna.

We decided to stop by Fint on the way to Sportuna to try to recover one of the Iounian Crystal shards. We were redirected to a place called Sia, where we entered as members of a religious caravan returning from Iounia. We learned there have been reports of kidnappings and stolen livestock and rare herbs recently, signs that the Far Realm’s agenda is moving along more quickly.

We fought our way through a tunnel to a large lake, at the bottom of which was one of the crystal shards. After retrieving it, we followed some tracks away from the lake, but stopped to rest. That night, we all shared a spooky dream that seemed to be a warning from the crystal shard about events happening in Sportuna, so we ran off there as quickly as possible.

Once we arrived, we learned that the Wizard’s Academy was being held under siege by the city due to some apparent arcane malfeasance, but some of the members refused to stand down. We spoke to the duke and offered our services. He accepted, so we’ll soon be descending into the sewers to try to sneak our way into the Academy.

I’m not expecting too much trouble with that.

~signed, Finnenmal, Battlemind of the Mental Mights



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