Mental Mights

The Forgotten City

Only three structures in the Forgotten City remained intact: servant’s quarters, and two towers, one larger than the other. We immediately went to the largest tower, but found it inaccessible. Four empty shelves called out for keys to unlock entry. We then proceeded to the smaller tower, encountering some undead, the leader of which was equipped with a magical greatsword. After defeating them and taking the greatsword for Jansaya, we returned to the servant’s quarters and fought the enemies there in order to make a safe location to sleep overnight.

The next morning, we returned to the smaller tower, fighting our way to the top to find a floor inscribed with many runes, each of which activated an arcane trap that had some negative effect depending on the rune. Rendark was able to make it safely across the room and retrieve a large key and four crystal statues from the treasure chest that lay on the other side.

So armed, we returned to the larger tower and unlocked it with the statues, gaining entrance. Many levels were ransacked and contained nothing of value. One level contained 15 or so varieties of potions with unknown effects. On the last level, we discovered that the tomes containing prophecies pertaining to the Mental Mights were missing. A journal entry by Jesh from long ago indicated that the prophets living in the city fled with their treasure when the Far Realm first incurred in the city. Jesh stayed behind and fought them to allow the prophets to escape.

Soon afterward, the rift re-opened, and an emotional aspect of Jesh burst forth, doing battle with us in a tower that was now quickly disintegrating. We barely managed to defeat him and escape to the desert. Jansaya fell once, but we managed to get him up and moving again. We eventually found a safe haven, but it turned out to be the lair of an ancient brown dragon! The dragon took an amulet we found in the city and flew off to let us recover in her cave.

The next morning, she returned to explain that she was Sardinax, and had been assisting the prophets in the city many years ago. When the Far Realm first attacked, her youngest son was sucked into the rift, and she has remained in the Incross ever since, waiting and hoping for his return. After we made clear our intent to defeat the forces of the Far Realm, she returned the amulet to Jansaya and gave us passage on her back to the Circle of the True, where we got Flargen up to date and retired to rest.

We will soon depart for Lyzarth, the assumed-current location of the prophets, by way of Wilboria, the only place in Galgor with close connections to the Feywild and the wonderous magic that plane possesses….

~signed, Finnenmal, Battlemind of the Mental Mights



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