Mental Mights

Wilboria and Lyzarth

Since I’ve last written, we’ve traveled to the fey city of Wilboria. I admittedly had some difficulty climbing back down from one of the treehouses they have there, but I’ve got heavy armor on, for gods’ sakes! Anyway, Jansaya managed to get us an audience with the Old Wizards, who told us that a great Iounian crystal was shattered and given to various races (elves, dwarves, and humans) to help unite them after the Far Realm first attacked our realm. Our task as Mental Mights is to retrieve the shards and reassemble them, apparently.

We purchased some enchanted items (must remember to collect on Izera’s debt to me later) and went with our guide Tiasala onward to Lyzarth. While there, Jansaya found out that the crystal shards had originally been sent to Iounia, Fint, Wilboria, Lyzarth, and the dragons. Izera learned that Lyzarth and Haraptia (The Forgotten City) were once twin cities, but when Haraptia fell, the survivors joined with Lyzarth.

We’ve left Tiasala in Lyzarth to investigate some disappearances around some kind of healing springs north of the city. Apparently the prophets in Lyzarth are testing us somehow. We eventually found a kind of camp with a military presence watching over a bunch of ailing folks looking to be taking up to the springs. Jansaya and Rendark went into the tent of the leader for a chat. Gods help us. Apparently it didn’t go too badly, though, because in the morning we’re going to accompany a group to the springs to see if we can figure out why folks are going missing.

~signed, Finnenmal, Battlemind of the Mental Mights



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