HP 31 CA 16 Fort 14 Ref 13 Will 18

Attacks: Basic Melee +3 vs AC damage 1d10

Thorn Whip (at-will, standard) (ranged 10) 6 vs Fort Hit: 1d8 +5 damage, you pull the target 2 squares

Grasping Tide (standard, at-will) (area burst 1 within 10 squares) 6 vs Fort Hit: 1d6+5 damage. Until end of next turn, if target leaves the burst area of effect, you can use an opportunity attack against it. (Secondary attack +6 vs Ref, Hit: Knock the target prone)

Primeval Boar Attack (standard, daily) (melee touch) 6 vs Fort Hit: 1d10+5 and slide the target 1 square. (You can use this at the end of a charge)



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