Mental Mights

Proving their worth

Now the party is on to the Circle of True with proof of their intentions. Unfortunately, when they get to the Circle of the True they find that it is under attack! They join in the fight and help Gahn and Palard win against more Far Realm monsters. After the battle they are given gifts of gratitude and taken to the leader, Flargan Derfman.

Flargan tells them that there are many prophecies about how to stop the Far Realm, but they haven’t been seen in hundreds of years because they reside in The Forgotten City. With the attack on the druid’s encampment, they cannot leave. It is up to the Mental Mights to go through The Incross safely and get the books from the towers of the castle in the Forgotten City.

Finding the next crystal

After clearing out the dungeon, the party went back to Fulgrog to speak to Darnaby. He was excited (and a little surprised) to see the party alive, and glad that they found their fourth member. He tells them of a prophecy he has of the them.

The True Mother of the Evil Elders will be defeated after four mental mights bring down her minions, one by one.

He tells them to go to the Circle of the True to find out more. the Circle of True is dedicated to destroying the Far Realm influence on the world. However, they will need proof of the party’s intentions.

The party goes back to the Jensalay Forest too look for another Iounian crystal. While traveling through the once quiet fey forest, they encounter many nightmares in the form of Fell Taints. They are able to find the crystal, but when they slept for the night it was stolen! After tracking the footprints and staying up without rest for the entire day, they make it to an old man. He was hard of hearing and not helpful, so the party was going to run past him, but he then turned into a large cursechanged beggar!! A battle ensued, and the Mental Mights were victorious in killing the aberrant monster and finding the Iounian crystal.

The surprise in the mountains

After Finnenmal and Jansaya meet up with Rendark, they decided to go to the town of Fulgrog in search of Darnaby. They found him and Darnaby tells them about goblin sightings in the mountains near where the rip to the Far Realm had been created 25 years ago. Darnaby is the town seer (although most people think he is just a crazy old man) and he has had visions of Rendark and three others defeating the Far Realm. He gives them some potions of healing and a map to the area they should check out.

When they get to the area, they find an old dungeon. Upon entering, they find a fight has already begun! An ochre jelly and Izera are fighting, and Rendark, Jansaya, and Finnenmal help her defeat the monster. The party learns that Izera also hold psionic powers. She came from the Far Realm with Zandergrath, an evil Mindflayer underling. Izera joins the party and they continue in the dungeon to find clues.

They battle zombies, goblins, and specters, and find a goblin hexer attempting to destroy an Iounian crystal. This Iounian crystal holds the secret to sealing the rifts between the world of Galgor and the Far Realm. As they go further into the dungeon, they find Zandergrath attempting to widen the rip. After a long and strenuous battle, they defeat him and the purple Iounian crystal glows brightly, seals the rift, and is stripped of it’s power and color turning into a clear crystal.

How it all starts

Jansaya, born of fragments of the Living Gate, has been working for most of its 93 years to try to rebuild the Living Gate, without success. It has decided to harness its innate psionic abilities to become an Ardent and, after hearing of a Far Realm attack on a fey forest (Jensalay Forest), it went to investigate.

Born of Jensalay Forest’s attempt to fight off an attack from the Far Realm, Finnenmal was immediately imbued with the powers of a Battlemind. Jansaya and Finnenmal meet and decide to go to the last place the Far Realm had attacked- a monastery on a mountain near Fulgrog.

At this monastery, they meet up with a half-orc named Rendark, who has been learning the ways of a monk with a desire to revenge the attack of the Far Realm which had taken both his parents and many of his family 24 years ago.


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