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Magic Items

Level Item Who Owns it
2 Gleaming Chainmail +1 Jansaya
3 Ironclade Scalemail +1 Finnenmal
4 Opportunistic Longsword +1 Finnenmal
4 Robe of Contingency +1 Izera
4 Lucky Charm +1 (dragon tooth) Izera
5 Blurred Strike Ki Focus +1 Rendark
5 Couters of Second Chances Rendark
5 Amuleet of Life +1 Finnenmal
6 Helm of Exemplary Defense Jansaya
6 Boots of Free Movement Rendark
7 Manifester Greatsword +2 Jansaya
7 Amulet of Resolution +2 Jansaya
8 Cloth Armor of Sudden Recovery +2 Rendark


The World of Galgor



Jensalay Forest

Circle of the True

The Incross

Forgotten City

Lyzarth, City of the Prophets

The Healing Springs


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